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        手機:186 1622 7309






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                  上海達夯機械科技有限公司是研發、制造、銷售、服務為一體的注塑機、金屬壓鑄機械及周邊輔助設備的制造企業。公司主要生產銷售注塑機,壓鑄機,自動化,工業冷水機組、塑料破碎機、模具溫度控制機、干燥機、吸料機、攪拌機及冷卻塔,耗材等。產品獲得國內外客戶好評。公司產品依照“以質量求生存,以科技求發展”的宗旨,注重新產品、新技術開發,本著“提高工作質量、優化產品質量、追求顧客滿意、發奮求實創新”的原則,參與到激烈的市場競爭中,都優先考慮到客戶利益! 以DAHANG 達夯機械為品牌,致力于注塑及金屬壓鑄機械及相關周邊產品的發展。為了實現公司產品的市場全球化、技術專業化、產能規?;膽鹇阅繕?,公司密切關注國際同行的發展態勢,不斷與相關產業的國際強手進行交流與合作,在優勢互補的基礎上多求共同的發展空間。公司分別在全國多地設立銷售機構,配備銷售,售后等技術人才,致力于為廣大顧客提供更完善的服務。展望未來,我們有百倍的信心,以貼心的服務,優良的產品,良好的信譽服務于社會各界。竭誠歡迎各界朋友前來參觀,考察!

        Shanghai Dahang Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is an excellent manufacturer of injection molding machines, metal die-casting machinery and peripheral auxiliary equipment, which are specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. The company mainly produces and sells injection molding machines, die casting machines, automation, industrial chillers, plastic crushers, mold temperature control machines, dryers, suction machines, mixers and cooling towers, consumables and so on. Products have won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers.
        The company is products are based on the tenet of "survive by quality, develop by technology", pay attention to the development of new products and new technologies, and participate in the fierce market competition based on the principle of "customer first, integrity first". Customer Benefits! With DAHANG Daxie Machinery as its brand, it is committed to the development of injection molding and metal die-casting machinery and related peripheral products. In order to realize the strategic goal of market globalization, technology specialization and capacity scale of the company is products, the company pays close attention to the development trend of international counterparts, and constantly exchanges and cooperates with various international players in related industries in the form of complementary advantages. Seeking more common development space.
        The company has set up sales organizations in various places across the country, equipped with professional sales, after-sales and other technical personnel, committed to providing customers with better services. Looking forward to the future, we have a hundred times of confidence, with the most intimate services, quality products, and good reputation to serve the community. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and inspect!


        聯系手機186 1622 7309